Here we have words of thanks from our wonderful clients!

From a Dad, “At first I wasn’t too sure about hiring a doula. I figured she would replace me or leave me out of the whole experience but actually she helped me help my fiance experience a wonderful pregnancy and more importantly a great birth. We called her to come in to the hospital and she was there quick and as soon as she walked into the room my fiance was relieved. We were swaying through contractions and Sarah taught me how to massage her back to help. She helped talking her through the hard contractions specially when I didn’t know what to say! I was nervous but her being there helped me keep calm for my Fiance. I can’t wait to have her join us for our next pregnancy! This time with no hesitation! Thank you Sarah.”

” Sarah was my support through the entire pregnancy. She even helped me and my husband while we were in the operating room having a c-section because junior would not flip head down and no one would try to turn a breech baby on a vbac momma. She gave me encouragement and advice every time I needed her. During the c-section she was amazing taking photos and making sure I wasn’t left alone. She helped me find the strength to endure even my most trying time when I wanted to break down. With her by my husband and my side we got the family friendly gentle c-section I needed. Words can never express how wonderful she is in every aspect from knowing what I needed when I didn’t even know, to the wealth of knowledge she has. Thank you so much for everything Sarah!!” – A.S.

“Sarah Fogle of Trinity Doula Services is pretty amazing. She was there for me from day 1 in my first trimester to answer any questions I had (and there were tons!) And even just there to talk to when I needed her. When labor hit, she was ready for me. She had an arsenal of goodies to help me get through the rough contractions, including essential oils, massage and pressure point techniques and her soft, calming voice that guided me over each contraction’s peak. When I opted for an epidural, she still had tricks up her sleeve and made herself very useful to me by helping me change positions and gave me words of empowerment when I felt overwhelmed or pushed around by hospital staff. Overall, my experience was wonderful and I would have to say well worth every penny hiring her. Thank you so much Sarah.” – M.H.

“I would just like to say that I was on the fence at first about hiring a doula, but now….I couldn’t be happier that I did! Anytime I had a question, needed to talk, needed support, or ANYTHING to help me stay focused through labor Sarah was right there. She supported me when I needed it most, and got me through one of the biggest defining moments of my life. And even encouraged my love for dancing. I am forever grateful. Then and even now with her continued help and friendship. Keep helping the beautiful babies and mommas get exactly what they want out of their experience!” – M.L.

“Sarah is the most caring and understanding person I know. She really tries to do 110% I would go to her with all my questions and she would all most always have the answer and for the few time she didn’t she made sure she would help me figure it out! My experience in the delivery room with her was great! My contractions were almost unbearable but as soon as she walked in the room she helped me get a hold of myself and gain control and made me realize I was the one in control! She connected real well with the nurses and my OB and it made the whole experience just amazing!! Sarah was my doula match made in Heaven!” – S.K.

“Sarah is one of the kindest people ever,with loads of information and support. She genuinely cares. If you are on the fence about a doula, take a chance with her- you will not regret it!” – B.I.

“Sarah was fantastic to work with. I asked her lots of questions throughout the end of my pregnancy and she always provided informational answers to help me make the choices I felt were best for me.

During labor she seemingly endlessly massaged my back through back pain, got what I needed for me when I asked, and made suggestions to help me obtain the birth I wanted. I was very glad to have someone who was very familiar with the hospital, their practices, and what they had available as my previous two children were born elsewhere. Sarah was a key part in helping me achieve my birth plan.” -K.K.

“Why a doula? Why Sarah?  I wanted a doula for the support. We are first time parents.  When we became pregnant I didn’t know what my/babies needs were.  I have been around newborns, etc. but HAVING  a baby is totally different! I wanted a natural birth. I did not want pain meds or lots of interventions.  I met with Sarah and knew before the meeting was over that she was a good fit for us. Sarah provided us with additional  information and resources throughout my pregnancy so that we could make the best decision for our pregnancy. She  provided emotional support as well and never presented information in a biased way. I had a beautiful picture in my head of a natural birth, laboring in the birthing tub with no medication. What actually happened is that at 41 weeks and 5 days I was induced,  had an epidural that didn’t work) and ended up having a c-section. Prior to my epidural Sarah helped me focus pain during contractions and helped me with different birthing positions (my son did not tolerate the birthing tub or birthing ball-go figure!). Sarah was still by my side and was 100% supportive when the plan changed. Although I had an epidural she was still there to help me focus my pain, massage my back and try to shift my baby. My husband was also involved and he was thankful that the job of coach was not just on his shoulders. She was present for all of us. When I got into the recovery room she was there to help baby boy latch so we could initiate breast feeding. When we were discharged to go home she came over to check in. No matter the type of birth you want or who you want involved-if you want additional support a doula is right for you. Sarah is amazing and has found her calling in life. If we are lucky enough to have another child we will be utilizing her again. We are thankful that she is part of our birth story!” -J.S.

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