You invest in your birth in other ways, so why not a doula too?

Hiring a doula is an investment

Why invest in a doula?

We understand how big of a decision it is to invite someone into your life, pregnancy and birth. We always offer initial consultations at no cost so the only thing you have to focus on is getting to know us and finding your perfect doula match.
At Trinity Doula Services our goal is to help facilitate the trust, relationship and bond between an expecting mother, her partner and the rest of her birth team to have the birth experience of her dreams. We are trained and experienced to provide unconditional support during each birth we attend. Just like every mother and baby are unique, so are their birth stories. We use our skills  and knowledge to attune to each mother to interpret her needs, to help you interpret scenarios, provide information and research to make informed choices, and help prepare you, as well as your partner, with the proper language to communicate your choices with your birth team.

Every Birth Doula Package includes:
Access to our online Client Portal
1-3 Unlimited Prenatal Visits 
Accompany you to 1 appointment with Care Provider
Unlimited Phone & Email Support 24/7
Continuous Labor Support
Immediate Postpartum Support (up to 3 hours)
Postpartum follow-up visit (7-10 days after birth)
Community Referrals
Access to our lending library
Access to our 'labor tools' 
3 months of Phone & Email Postpartum Support

Planned Cesarean Package
(including the above)
1-2 unlimited in home prenatal visit
Cesarean birth support
4 hours immediate postpartum support
Your choice of either overnight hospital postpartum shift (12 hours) or 8 hours 
in home postpartum services
1- unlimited in home postpartum follow-up

The Trinity Birth Package
(including the above)
2-3 unlimited in home prenatal visits
Private childbirth education
Birth Pool rental
1- overnight hospital postpartum shift (12 hours)
1- unlimited in home postpartum follow-up
In home Placenta encapsulation with print and tincture
16 hours of in home postpartum services

Trinity Birth & Baby Care Package
Everything that is included with the Trinity Birth Package 
100 hours of in home postpartum services

Pregnancy Doula
We know that not everyone wants an extra support person in the room during their birth
but still want to have professional support during their pregnancy as they prepare for birth.
That's why we offer a pregnancy doula service.
Included in this services is:
2- unlimited in office prenatal visits
Professional birth planning
24/7 availability for questions/concerns/support
Accompany you to 1 Prenatal Appointment with care provider
Access to our lending library
Private childbirth Education

Birth Only Doula*
Not everyone wants or needs the extra support and advice during pregnancy or even after birth. Maybe you are an experienced 5th time mom and know that you want someone there to support you just during your labor and birth. With our Birth Only Doula option, we have got you covered!
Included with this services is:
Continuous Labor support
Immediate Postpartum Support up 1-2 hours

*Doula assigned to Birth Only Doula Clients will be based off of location as well as the doula that is on the On Call Rotation at the time of birth.

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*contact us to learn more about payment plans or our sliding scale for low income families