Mind your own uterus t-shirt campaign.

As our doulas are preparing to support families during the most joyous occasion of bringing their baby into the world, they are also preparing to comfort a family through the most difficult time of losing their baby – in any trimester. Trinity Doula Services never charges a family for bereavement services. But our doulas still endure some costs – child care for an uncertain amount of time, gas to get to wherever the family is, food and self care for herself while away from home and her family.

So, thanks to wonderful idea from a client who heart Sarah utter her usual phrase of ‘People should mind their own uterus”; she suggested that it be put on a t-shirt! So that is exactly what we did. You can get these one of a kind t-shirts to speak your mind for you and help support the doulas as they support bereaved families.

If you don’t want to purchase a shirt but still want to help, you can donate through the campaign as well on the website listed below.


If you’d like to make a donation for TDS to support bereaved families please send them using this paypal link. Paypal.me/TrinityDoulaServices


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