When should I get a doula?

Q: When is the BEST time during pregnancy to find the doula that is right for you and hire her?

A: Yesterday.

Let me explain a little. There is no specified time frame that it is appropriate to hire a doula. Some women hire a doula before they are even pregnant! (yes, you can do that) You can start looking for a doula the moment that stick shows a + sign! You can wait until the last minute when you are in labor even! (although that can make it a little difficult, it IS doable)

Pretty much at any point that you’ve decided you want the support of a professional doula is the right time.

With that said, usually the earlier the better though. Doulas only take a certain amount of clients due in the same month. So if you wait until last minute, the doula of your choice may be booked up. Also, if you need to pay your doula through a payment plan then having more time to do so will be beneficial for you.

Q: What if baby is already here?!

A: Then you need a postpartum doula!

A postpartum doula will come and take care of you and help you take care of baby.

Do dishes, stock a basket next to your favorite spot to sit with baby full of diapers,wipes, snacks and drinks, prepare meals for you, do some laundry, care for baby so you can shower or nap,run errands for you and be there to answer any questions you have about your newborn or postpartum period. Doulas do all that and more!

When did you hire a doula?


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