What about going poop AFTER baby?

I think ALL pregnant women at one point and time during their pregnancy think”What if I poop while I’m pushing the baby out?!”. Chances are you will and that’s totally ok! It’s actually a GOOD thing.  If you are pooping, then you are pushing in the most productive way!

But most women aren’t anticipating that first trip to the bathroom AFTER baby is here. Depending on your birth, you may very well encounter some pain and some trouble going number two. If you tore or had an episiotomy and needed stitches or if you’ve had a cesarean birth ,it is likely that you are going to be faced with opposition. You will likely think “Nope, I am never pooping again. Don’t care if I gain 10lbs, NOT going to happen. It hurts just thinking about it!”

There are ways to help make that first time (or several times) easier for you.

  1. Stay hydrated. Add some fresh fruit juices to your daily fluid intake and avoid caffeinated drinks.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for some stool softeners, they can be your saving grace. Chances are if you are on pain medication you will be given softeners anyways.
  3. Don’t hold it in, if you feel like you need to go. GO! The longer you wait the harder it will be.
  4. Just like you relaxed during labor to help your muscles open up for baby, you need to do that on the toilet too.
  5. Use a small step stool or get a squatty potty. It can make a huge difference just lifting up your feet a few inches.
  6. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to resort to a suppository or even an enema. You WANT to be able to go. You will feel so much better afterwards!

Trinity Doula Services….Talking to you about things no one else will!

“When you prepare for everything, you can handle anything!” – Sarah Fogle/Owner


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