I think ALL pregnant women at one point and time during their pregnancy think”What if I poop while I’m pushing the baby out?!”. Chances are you will and that’s totally ok! It’s actually a GOOD thing.  If you are pooping, then you are pushing in the most productive way! But most women aren’t anticipating that […]


April 25, 2016

What about going poop AFTER baby?

For some reason it seems that when you announce your pregnancy to the world everyone and their cousin/neighbor/teacher/pet llama have some ‘advice’ they think you NEED to know. Most expecting moms just stand there and listen to the person say their peace and then go on. It’s kind of rude to not listen right? Wrong. […]


April 15, 2016

Things to say and not say to an expecting mom.

I had my first (and luckily only) cesarean in March of 2009. My daughter is now 7. Time sure has flown since then. I always told myself she was born the way she was supposed to have been, that obviously I cannot change the past. But, it didn’t help me feel any better about her […]


April 3, 2016

It’s Cesarean Awareness Month and I want to talk about my cesarean.