A little extra this Valentine’s Day.


It’s no secret that lots of loving happens on Valentines Day!

Maybe your partner has a special night all planned out for the two of you. Perhaps you are the one doing the date night organizing. Do you think he forgot what day it is (again)? To come in the door and see rose petals creating a path through the house leading to a candle lit bubble bath and a bottle of wine.

Maybe your Valentines day consists of putting the kids to bed and then tip toeing to the bedroom as quickly and quietly as possible and having about 10 minutes of alone time before the youngest beats on your door wanting to sleep in bed with you.

Whatever your plans are for the Day of Love we hope you have a great one.

In a few weeks when that test shows two lines we will be waiting for your call because it’s never too early to book your doula. We will see you in November!

Happy Valentines Day from Trinity Doula Services.


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