Tips for achieving a VBAC.


Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

But you’ve had a cesarean previously and are nervous about if you can have a vaginal delivery this time or not.

Good news! The odds are ever in your favor that you can VBAC!

Here are some tips from a 2 time VBAC mom.

  1. Find a truly supportive provider. You may need to leave the OB you ‘like’ in order to achieve a VBAC. You will probably have more support if you look for a Midwife as a care provider. This is not always the case, there are some truly amazing OBs out there and some not so supportive midwives. Just keep interviewing care providers until you find the one! It’s also NEVER too late to switch providers, some women even do so while in labor!
  2. Educate yourself. Do not stop researching until you are confident about your ability to birth your baby the way nature designed. Just because a Dr. says something doesn’t make it true. I’ve heard of OBs saying you have a 25% chance of uterine rupture, not true. Its only 0.5%!
  3. Build a support team. Your partner needs to be on board! Hire a doula. I know some people think a doula replaces a partner but that is not true at all. We all work together to be the very best support team we can be for you!
  4. Ignore the nay-sayers. Seriously, don’t worry about being ‘rude’. Just because your friend’s ex-coworker had a horrible vaginal delivery and wished for a cesarean doesn’t mean you are doomed to have the same experience or that you need to hear about it either. Every pregnancy and birth and woman is different.
  5. Have a back up plan. Even though you don’t want to think that you could have another cesarean it is better to be prepared so that it can be the best experience possible even if it is not your ideal scenario. Make a birth plan for your VBAC and one for a cesarean too. If you are prepared, either way it will be a great birth experience.

But if you decide that having a schedule cesarean is what you prefer, we support that too.

Trinity Doula Services has special interest in VBACs and strives to help you achieve the best birth possible. Sarah is very experienced in VBACs and has special knowledge to support during your journey.


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