If breasts were made for men…

It’s no secret our society has over sexualized women’s breasts.

It’s too common of an occurrence that a woman is scolded and shamed for feeding her child the way nature intended in public.

People like to rebuttal that urination is also natural but they don’t do that in public. This is an idiotic statement because I have yet to hear of someone feeding their child urine.

Breasts’ primary function is to nourish a baby, to support its life with that nourishment.

They are secondary sexual organs, just are hands and mouths. But we don’t go around demanding people wear gloves and masks do we?

Breasts were made for babies, this is why they are filled with life sustaining milk.

If breasts were made solely for men, they would be filled with beer, not milk.

Get over it. Normalize breastfeeding.


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