Congratulations! You’re pregnant! But you’ve had a cesarean previously and are nervous about if you can have a vaginal delivery this time or not. Good news! The odds are ever in your favor that you can VBAC! Here are some tips from a 2 time VBAC mom. Find a truly supportive provider. You may need […]

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January 29, 2016

Tips for achieving a VBAC.

It’s no secret our society has over sexualized women’s breasts. It’s too common of an occurrence that a woman is scolded and shamed for feeding her child the way nature intended in public. People like to rebuttal that urination is also natural but they don’t do that in public. This is an idiotic statement because […]

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January 24, 2016

If breasts were made for men…

These are my own personal VBAC birth stories. By Sarah Fogle 1st VBAC.Born July 2011 Growing up vbac was a normal thing to me. I was a vbac baby. So I never thought anything was scary about it. If my mom could do it, so could I! I never had a care provider tell me […]


January 23, 2016

A tale of two VBACs