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Trinity Doula Services is a full spectrum doula agency made up of 7 experienced and thoroughly trained doulas. Our goal is to support the families in our areas to have the birth they desire. No matter what you choose is best for your family, we support it. 


Trinity Doula Services

Sarah Fogle - Passionate doula, mother, wife & friend

Meet the owner

My name is Sarah Fogle. I have four beautiful children. I started studying pregnancy and childbirth in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I have 5 years of personal breastfeeding experience along with my lactation training during doula certification. My personal birth experiences include one elective induction with an epidural, a cesarean due to breech presentation, an augmented VBAC with a failed epidural and an epidural free natural labor VBAC. My journey to VBAC two times solidified my decision to become something that would help, encourage and support birthing women; to become a doula.

I began my journey to become a doula in April 2015. I am a Certified Doula through CBI, I am a trained Placenta Specialist through pbiU. I am also the Leader for the ICAN of Southeastern Illinois Chapter. I am also a Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula through StillBirthDay to support families during loss at any stage of pregnancy. I am a member of 100% doula business training. I am passionate about and have a special focus & training on VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean), breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing. I am a nursing student at SIC, the number one nursing school program in the state of Illinois. My services include birth and postpartum doula care, beginning childbirth education,breastfeeding support and placenta encapsulation.

Sarah serves women who plan to birth at home or hospitals in the following areas.

Carbondale, IL. Marion, IL. Mt. Vernon IL. Evansville, IN & Paducah, KY.

meet the team

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Meet the team

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Candice Ullery is a member of DONA international and a 100 percent doula member for training and support and education from professional doulas and birth professionals with years of experience in their collective fields. I am currently a student with StillBirthDay for Bereavement doula certification. I draw on my knowledge of birth as well as my past experience as a nursing student and an EMT to help you better understand and communicate with the medical staff on your team.
In addition to my birth experience and training I have both experience and have training supporting breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers. I nursed three children exclusively for their first year of life I have experience bottle feeding with both formula and breast milk, as well as pumping and donating breast milk to be used for premature infants and cancer patients. My passion is to support, empower, sooth and calm the mothers and fathers and prepare you to meet your baby in a relaxed, peaceful and beautiful way, to help make the birth and beginning of your new baby’s life special. No matter if it's your first, fifth or tenth child, every birth should be amazing and should bring couples together and strengthen single mothers alike.

Candice serves women who plan to birth at home or hospitals in the following areas.

Centralia, IL. Carbondale, IL. Marion, IL. Mt. Vernon, IL. Breese, IL. Olney, IL. Effingham, IL. Belleville, IL.  Mattoon, IL. Shiloh, IL & Greenville, IL. St. Louis, MO.

My name is Becca Brooks. I started my dual doula-ship training in April 2017 through StillBirthDay to be both a birth and bereavement doula. As a StillBirthDay doula with Trinity Doula Services I am proud to support families experience pregnancy and birth, endure bereavement, and face any event where birth and bereavement meet.

I am passionate about reducing medical interventions where they are unnecessary through
knowledge and empowerment to the family. I believe in your right to make informed decisions regarding all aspects of your birth and as your doula; I would love to help guide you through the plethora of information out there to reach the decisions and overall birth plan you desire.
The word 'doula' translates from it's Greek origins meaning 'servant woman' or 'woman who serves' and it is an apt description of what we do. My mission is to serve mother and father both and follow their lead through their ideal birth experience while helping to give them the tools they need to make informed decisions. In addition to my doula training, I also began my training to become a placenta specialist during spring 2017.
I am a homemaker, wife, and mother of one spunky, imaginative 2 year old little boy. I center my life around my passion for family, and would love the
opportunity to get to know yours.

Becca is available for birth clients and attends births in the following locations:  Marion & Carbondale, IL.

Hi! My name is Megan and I am mama bear to two under two. They are my passion and my insanity and I can't imagine life without either them. I have 2 years of breastfeeding experience (including exclusive pumping, nursing on demand, using donor milk, etc), had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first child, have underwent an induction due to pre-eclampsia, and have first hand experience with severe postpartum depression. I also love all things "crunchy", including cloth diapering and babywearing.

Like most other women, my experiences in pregnancy and the birth of my children dramatically changed who I was. It is because of these experiences that I decided to begin my journey as a birth and bereavement doula. It is with this personal knowledge, as well as high quality professional training through StillBirthDay, that I come to you ready to support you through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and in the tender weeks following the birth of your baby. I am a certified Birth and Bereavement doula through Stillbirthday as well a trained placenta specialist. I also plan to take action in the fall of 2017 to gain the title of certified Lactation specialist. I consider it my job as your doula to not only help you achieve the birth that you have always dreamed of, but also to help assist in a therapeutic and healing birth should uncertainties arise. I would love to help you accomplish whatever birth experience you desire or require---whether that be natural, medicated, or cesarean.

Megan is available for birth and placenta clients and attends births in the following locations: Marion & Carbondale, IL. Evansville, IN.

My name is Tina and I first became a mother in July 2009 to my daughter and again in
September 2014 to my son and am due with #3 in Feb 2018. It was through my own personal birth experiences and hearing stories from other women that I became interested in becoming a doula, to give women the support they need to help reduce their risk of postpartum depression or being unsatisfied with their birthing experience. Bringing a baby into the world is one of the greatest accomplishments and each mother deserves respect and support, no matter what her choices are.
I had a vaginal birth with an epidural with my daughter and had an elective induction at 42 weeks with my son with a failed epidural which ended in a cesarean. During the first few weeks of his life I was able to breastfeed but also suffered from severe postpartum depression. In March 2015, I had a miscarriage and didn't know I was pregnant at the time which made my depression worsen but with the support of my friends, family and doctor have been able to heal. Because of these experiences, my goal is to emotionally and physically support those who have similar experiences. I have special interest in VBACs and postpartum depression.
I am Certified in Birth and Bereavement through Stillbirthday. I have training in Placenta Encapsulating, printing, and tinctures as well. My hope as a Doula is give a woman and her family all the support that they may need through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum along with those who have a loss during any stage of pregnancy.
Tina is available for births and placenta clients and attends home and hospital births in the Evansville, IN & Owensboro, KY area.

 My name is Caity. I am married to my best friend, a mother to two beautiful boys, a little girl just born in August, and I work from home making custom t-shirts and the like. I have personal experience from my own breastfeeding journey with my children (exclusively pumping, clogged ducts, mastitis, etc.). I have also had my own battles with postpartum depression. I've dealt with high blood pressure and preeclampsia among other issues during pregnancy and labor. These struggles have taught me so much and I hope that the information I've learned can be of help to you if the need arises. I amtraining to become a birth and bereavement doula through StillBirthDay. I am proud to be learning to support families as they grow and to be able to give companionship during a time of loss. I'm honored to be able to be able to provide this service to the families in Joplin, MO and Pittsburg, KS areas. I wish to give you the support that all expecting mothers deserves during their pregnancy labor and birth through my personal and professional services and knowledge. Everything birth, baby, and placenta are my passion! I look forward to supporting you through this special time.
Caity is available for births and attends births in the following locations: Pittsburg, KS. Joplin, MO, Carthage, MO. and Neosho, MO. 

My name is Molly, I am 29 years old and have finally found my passion and purpose in life; to support, educate,  and empower women through their birthing and parenting experiences! I am a mom to four boys and have achieved my goal of having natural childbirth to my last three and had an epidural  with my first. I went to my second birth unprepared for what was about to happen as I was planning an epidural, but that didn’t happen. It was amazing! The first thing I said was “I can’t believe I just did that!” I felt so strong! It was also scary, I was unprepared and it made the experience frustrating, scary and I felt helpless. I want to help women avoid these feelings about their own birth. My goal is to support you no matter what birth plan you feel is best for you; scheduling a c-section, giving birth in your living room or in a tub, no medication in the hospital or all of the medication!
I want to support and empower you to have an amazing experience that you will cherish for the rest of your days! I would also love to support you after your birth! I’m well equipped through experience and training to assist with feeding baby, both breast or bottle. I have a passion for cloth diapering & babywearing and am prepared to help you on those journeys too. I have vast experience with taking care babies and children thanks to having my own children as well as running a daycare for several years. I love learning about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and continue to be amazed at how strong and powerful women are! I am currently enrolled in Childbirth International birth doula training and will be enrolling to be a placenta specialist soon to better serve clients. I am very excited to serve in my surrounding communities as a doula after all “Peace on Earth begins with Birth” - Jeannine Baker

Molly is available for birth clients, home or hospital in the Marion, Carbondale and Mt. Vernon IL areas.








"I loved Sarah as soon as I met her! She is very personable, sweet and she really knows her stuff! I wouldn't have made it through drug free childbirth without her by my side cheering me on!"

Sarah T.